Petroleum Coke Backfill

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Petroleum Coke Backfill


Brief Introduction
  Petroleum Coke Backfill is a carbonaceous backfill material which is designed for use in critical deep well or conventional ground bed. The backfill lowers anode-to-earth resistance, provides a uniform environment for current discharge, and extend the anode's design life. Since the purpose of the carbonaceous backfill is to provide an electronic path for current flow, low resistivity, particle size and specific gravity are important backfill properties. Low resistivity favors electronic current flow to the back fill/ground interface. Small particle size and high density favor electronic current flow between the anode material and backfill by improving contact between the anode material and backfill.

  Deyuan supplies the superior choice for Petroleum Coke Backfill in critical deep well or conventional ground beds when resistivity is the major consideration. The standard packaging for the back fill is 50kg per bag.


Specifications of Petroleum Coke Backfill

Fixed Carbon



0.5% Max


0.2% Max


0.5% Max

Bulk Density


Resistivity Max



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