Junction Box

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Junction Box

Brief Introduction

  Junction Box is a device containing the wiring junctions, which allow the wiring in the house or public building to interface with the main power supply. The Junction Box is more practical than the exposed electrical wires. This box is an integral part of a circuit protection system. The installation of the fireproofing around the incoming or outgoing cables must be extended to cover the Junction Box, which can prevent short circuits inside the box during an accidental fire. Usually constructed with the use of metal or hard plastic, the general appearance of the Junction Box is either a square or rectangular design.


Specifications of the Junction Box

External dimension (mm): 850 (high) x 554 (width) x 250 (deep)

Enclosure and cover: cover fixed by captive screws
Both side of body have gutter steel plate with fixing hole
Polyurethane door seal

External mechanical impact resistance

Surface treatment: textured epoxy polyester powder coating
Shell material: ZL102 steel plate welding and high voltage electrostatic powder coating.


Technical parameters of the Junction Box
Anode bus current: 30A
Shunt maximum current: 15A
Shunt number: 5-way
Each resistance adjustable range: 0.04 ~ 0.4 (Ω), 10 steps adjustment
Each standard measuring the resistance: 0.02 Ω
Protection grade: IP54.


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