Permanent Reference Electrode

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Reference Electrode

Brief Introduction
  Reference Electrode is one of the important parts of cathodic protection(CP) system. It can be used to measure the potential of the protected structure, and can also be used as a signal source for automatic control of the Transformer Rectifier. Reference Electrodes are made of Copper Sulfate, Silver Chloride and Antimony, which used as a half cell to build an electrochemical cell.

  Deyuan supplies Portable reference Electrodes and Permanent reference Electrodes.


Permanent reference Electrode

  Permanent reference Electrode is designed for 40 years life, but it usually lasted for 20 years according to the engineering practices. The Permanent reference Electrode applicant to bury in soil, and we recommend Ag/AgCl electrodes to be used in chloride ion contaminated soil.


Applications of the Permanent reference Electrode

1.It can accurate monitoring the CP status and measure the sacrificial anode‚Äôs potential; 

2.It acts as auto control stable signal source in impressed current CP system;

3.It can be planted in the bottom of tanks or under the roads;

4.It can be pre-buried during the engineering and be used at a long time


Materials of the Permanent reference Electrode



Ceramic pot


Copper pipe

Copper;Purity 99.7%;R=6mm

Lead wire


Copper sulfate


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