Portable Reference Electrode

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Reference electrode

 Brief Introduction

  Reference electrode is one of the important parts of cathodic protection(CP) system. It can be used to measure the potential of the protected structure, and can also be used as a signal source for automatic control of the Transformer Rectifier. Reference electrodes are made of Copper Sulfate, Silver Chloride and Antimony, which used as a half cell to build an electrochemical cell.

  Deyuan supplies Portable reference Electrodes and Permanent reference Electrodes.


Portable reference Electrode

  Portable reference Electrode usually has a light weight which increases flexibility while at the same time maintaining quality performance and portability, easy to load and carry. They are suit for soil and seawater engineering, fully consistent with the national standard GB / T7387-1999 " 


Characteristics of the Portable reference Electrode

1.They have porous ceramic test head, which can decreased soil impedance and be easily inserted in soil;

2.Suit for soil and aqueous solution;

3.Best reliability;

4.Easily schlep and use;

5.Clarity window makes you become conscious of the liquor remainder

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