Electronic Anode For Water Heaters

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1.Working Principle of Electronic Anode

The magnesium alloy sacrificial anode protects the tank of water heater by supplying negative current. Electronic anode also works the same way.

2. Advantages of Electronic Anode

1) Electronic anode does not need to be replaced.The designed life is 8 years which equivalent to the life of the water heater.

2) Electronic anode won’t make any corrosion products like Magnesium rod does.The corrosion products precipitate to the bottom of the tank need to be regularly cleaned.

3)    The tap water in the water heater is a circuit of conductive medium. When the current passes through the electrode, the chlorine ions in the tap water will move towards the metal oxide coated titanium electrode, which is used as the anode. The concentration of chlorine ions near the tank as the cathode will be greatly reduced, which will slow down the corrosion rate of the water heater tank.

3.Structure and Installation of Electronic Anode

4.Development history of our company's electronic anode

1Auxiliary electrodes have experienced the development of stainless steel electrodes, titanium electrodes, oxide coated electrodes and electrodes equipped with magnesium rod. At present, they have the features of high current density, strong insolubility and protection from Magnesium rods when power is cut off.

2)Modules change from large to small size, but functions are more and more complete.

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