Mixed Metal Oxide Tubular Anode

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Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Tubular Anodes

 Brief Introduction

  Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes (MMO Anodes) are anodes made by titanium coated with mixed metal oxide. It is a crystalline electrically-conductive coating that activates the titanium and enables it to function as an anode. MMO Anodes have an extremely low consumption rate. They are widely used in soil, sea, mud, sewage and fresh water environments, etc.


Advantages of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anodes: 

1. MMO coatings have high chemical stability even in environments with very low PH values.
2. The coating of mixed metal oxide anodes is not affected by chlorine.
3. The wear rate of the MMO anode is extremely low and uniform.
4. The mixed metal oxide can be operated at high current density, such as 2000A/m2.

The Categories of Deyuan Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anodes

Mixed Metal Oxide

Solid Rod Anodes

Mixed Metal Oxide

Tubular Anode

Mixed Metal Oxide

Ribbon Anode

Mixed Metal Oxide

Wire Anode

Specification and Dimension of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Tubular Anodes


Current output

Life time

Dia25mm x 1000mm long

8amps (based on 100amps/ msq)


Dia25mm x 500mm long

4amps (based on 100amps/ msq)


Dia19mm x 1200mm long

7amps ( based on 100amps/msq)


Dia32mm x 1200mm long

12amps ( based on 100amps/msq)



Application of Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Tubular Anodes

1) -for Pipeline anti-corrosion

2) -for reinforced concrete structures 

3) - for deep well cathodic protection

4) - for soil environment

5) - for environment evolution of O2,Cl2 or a combination of both

6)- the tubular anode can be made singly or in strings 


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