Appear in the problems in the production of magnesium alloy sheet

Magnesium alloy with low density, high specific strength, damping performance, electromagnetic shielding ability, easy recovery advantages in areas such as aerospace, transportation, 3C products have a wide range of applications, known as "the 21st century green engineering material". With the plate by bending, stamping, welding and forming process for producing magnesium alloy parts with high efficiency, large production scale, the advantages of thin-walled parts can be produced, thus magnesium alloy sheet has broad prospects and huge market demand. Traditional magnesium alloy sheet ingots rolling method on production, production processes, energy consumption, low yield, resulting in the production of magnesium alloy sheet is very low, very expensive. Near NET shape forming twin roll casting as methods are well suited for the production section of the simplest and most widely used magnesium alloy sheet. In recent years, magnesium alloy twin roll casting technology has become one of the hot spots at home and abroad, and the casting and secondary rolling a joint process for the production of high-performance magnesium alloy sheet of new routes.