Characteristics of magnesium alloy materials

Magnesium has the following characteristics:

(1) light weight: about 1.7 proportion of magnesium alloys, zinc 1/4, 1/5 steel, even more so than aluminum (about 2.7) proportion of light 1/3.

(2) the magnesium alloy with "high strength, light weight" attribute so that it can be in steel, cast iron, zinc alloy or even replace traditional applications of aluminum alloy materials.

(3) excellent heat conductivity, relative to the excellent shock-absorbing properties of engineering plastics, better mechanical strength, impact resistance and wear resistance.

(4) anti-EMI electromagnetic waves: magnesium alloy for non-magnetic metals, electromagnetic shielding performance.

(5) good dimensional stability: not easy to change due to changes in ambient temperature and time.

(6) recycling: characteristics of magnesium alloy with 100% to fully recover, more in line with today's environmental requirements.

(7) the machining features: magnesium cutting if set the required power is 1, then aluminum is 1.8, brass is 2.3, cast iron is 3.5 and the proportion of light, cutting low inertia, high speed cutting.