Later corrosion of magnesium alloys

Metal corrosion is a metal in the environment and corrosive effect and make the metal oxidation state of thermodynamically spontaneous process. Are molecules Self-Assembled Monolayers by adsorption in heterogeneous chemical bond spontaneously formed at the interface of a certain orientation, closely spaced ordered monolayer films. Under mild conditions, self-Assembly as a simple, convenient formation method of metal corrosion and protection technology has broad application prospects. On the surface oxide film of magnesium alloy processed by silane fluoride treatment, the surface will form a single membrane. This paper studies on metal surfaces by electrochemical methods, comparison of silane fluoride treatment and without silane fluoride treated metal surface corrosion performance has significantly improved, explore the effects and related mechanism of coated layer. Results showed that after surface modification of magnesium alloys in the silane fluoride, in forming a hydrophobic film on material surface, by potentiodynamic polarization measurements and contact angle changes, silane fluoride can be drawn without silane fluoride surface modification of magnesium alloys surface modification of magnesium alloys corrosion resistance have been significantly improved.