Level of application of magnesium alloy in China

Magnesium alloy as aircraft making of a important material, was widely of application to wing and engine of manufacturing, while magnesium in metal smelting territories also has widely of application, but in currently of China, magnesium alloy of application level is very of low of, main is chemical enterprise, and other industry application of very of less, this on led to has currently China magnesium of market very of small, no special large of enterprise engaged in this industry, and in Europe national, many company are will development magnesium alloy and application magnesium alloy as a items important of career.

From currently of situation for, because China Aviation space career compared behind, this on led to has currently China of magnesium alloy development in a low of level, according to China metal industry association of latest survey displayed, 2012 degrees China of magnesium alloy overall development volume is 11.256 million tons, but margins is only 12%, this is a very low of level, because for most of Europe magnesium alloy Enterprise for average of margins is 39%, difference very of big, This main is because China of development and application level than lower, and 2013 first half of, China of magnesium alloy overall of development volume is 6.305 million tons, margins is 16%, this in must degree Shang description has China of magnesium alloy of margins some improve, this main thanks Yu national implementation of high-tech promote plans, this items plans for magnesium alloy of development and application are up to has is big of promote role, although magnesium alloy has has is big of development has, but problem still exists, This requires establishing unified mg the enterprise Union, made some efforts in the sales and development, only the combined power of numerous production companies in order to promote the development of China's magnesium industry.