Magnesium alloy used in electronic products

Today more and more people have realized the advantages of magnesium alloys, there are more and more used in magnesium alloys, such as electronics.

Electronic products in small, durable, heat-resistant direction under the trend of sustainable development of magnesium alloy usage continues to increase. According to statistics, China Taiwan 2002 notebook computer shipments was 16.8 million units, with a number of magnesium is approximately 5.04 million units. Total shipments of 30%, the average laptop number magnesium alloy used for 1.5, so 2002 Taiwan laptop magnesium alloy used for 756. 2003 laptop using the number increased to HK $ 8.97 million, increased to 18.65%. But this data is relatively conservative, such as magnesium alloy used in the Tablet piece number 11. Other electronic products also use the trend of magnesium alloys, including projectors, mobile phones and digital cameras. Statistics show that in 2002, mobile phone usage of 11% in 2004, increased to 25%, the usage of digital cameras has increased from 10.2% in 2002 to 25% in 2004. Future trends are evident, the electronics will be fully used magnesium alloy, current rate to 90% using the projector, notebook computers from the shell using magnesium alloys are also used for internal stent development. Previous notebook stand is made of 4-5 aluminum alloy, and supports only 1 piece made of magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy stents can save a great deal in the Assembly.

Magnesium also has quite a few advantages, such as light, electromagnetic waves, high strength and can be recycled. Quality comparison, only iron magnesium alloy 23%, Al-67%, to compare the thickness, only half of the plastic products of magnesium alloys. Efficiency improvement of electronic products and the shrinking volume of cases, plastic products in terms of hardness, the degree of quality and resistance are unable to withstand. Therefore, costs allowed under the condition of magnesium will be replaced by plastic products on the market.