Magnesium Lanthanum Alloy Ingot, Mgla Alloy

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Product Type:Ingot

  • Material:MgLa

  • Carbon Content:None

Product Description
Product Name:
Magnesium Lanthanum alloy Ingot
MgLa 30%
The Function of Master Alloy:
1.Grain Refiners
Control the structure and dispersion of individual crystals in metals,
Improved mechanical strength and soundness of the casting
Change micro-structural properties of metal.
Increase strength, toughness, ductility, and resultant machinability.
Change composition of metal alloys
La contant: 20-30% 
Other Regular type:
 Magnesium basis: MgCa,MgMn,MgY,MgSr,MgZr,MgGd,MgSc,MgNd etc.
Aluminum basis: AlTi,AlCu,AlV,AlSr,AlZr,AlBe etc.