main classification and application of sacrificial anode

1. Magnesium Casting Anode
Grade: AZ63, AZ31, MGM1C
Main application: Sacrificed magnesium anode suitable applies in the fields of anticorrosion. Such as: Oil, gas, water transmission in underground or fresh water, underground cable, chemical, communication, bay, watercraft and reservoir strobe.

2. Magnesium extruded anodes
Grade: AZ63, AZ31, MGM1C
Main application: Water heaters, water container, pre-polarization of steel structure in seawater, gas pipe, anticorrosion of steel and iron structure where high resistant and electrolyte (soil and water) existed.

3. Ribbon Anode
Main application:
Ribbon anodes are used for the cathodic protections of sleeved pipings, tanks and pipe networks ad grounding grids guarding against heavy current interference.

4. Aluminum Anode
Type: AL-Zn-In-CD AL-Zn-In-Sn Al-Zn-In-Si
Main Application: Aluminum anodes are suitable for the cathodic protection for such metal structures as ships, machinery, offshore engineering, harbor facilities, and pipings and cables in an ooze corrosion environment.

5. Zinc Anode
Main Application: Zinc anodes are suitable for the cathodic protection for ships machinery, offshore engineering and harbor facilities in seawater and fresh seawater and for pipes and cables embeded in soil with cower resistivity.

6. High Silicon cast iron anode
High silicon cast iron Cr-containing silicon iron
Main Application: It is widely applied to the impressed current cathodic protection of oil drilling platform at sea. Bried pipings and cables underground.