Properties of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy material difference

1, the tensile strength of difference:

Frame made of magnesium alloy materials of uniform volume strength compared to aluminum, to reach the material thickness and tube frame strength growth, from point of magnesium alloy and aluminum compared without any weight advantage, and the greater tensile strength of aluminum alloy.

2, resistance to fatigue strength:

Uniform volume of materials made of magnesium alloy frame of the fact performance worse than the aluminum frame and fatal flaw of magnesium alloys. As the number of rides, the more stress the number of higher strength significantly depressed, and even life expectancy will not override the frame 2-3, is specialized in jockeys rarely uses magnesium alloy frame, when used, is also contemplating mileage accept discarding situations change; thus, fatigue strength of aluminum alloy is superior to magnesium alloy materials.

3, metal oxidation of difference:

Understand performance on the periodic table of the elements, easier than aluminum magnesium alloys are oxidation, and has also led to the use of magnesium alloys range scope.

4, production cost differences:

Because magnesium is lively and metal, to manufacture equipment deployment and high demand led to manufacturing costs soar, bicycle frames produced far less value than aluminum frame.

5, specific gravity density differences:

Magnesium is lighter than aluminum quality under the condition of uniform volume, this is the advantage of magnesium alloys.

6, modulus of difference:

Poor frame stiffness than aluminum alloy frame made of magnesium alloy materials, uniform thickness and tube diameter frame made of real effects will draw more trampled on by riding rides to obey.