Re-Si-Mg Ferro Alloys

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Product Description

Material: FeSi
Item: Rare Earth Ferro Silicon Magnesium Nodulizer

Product Description: RE-Si-Mg ferro alloys
  Our company produced all kind of rare earth Ferro silicon magnesium nodulizer for ductile cast iron; RE-Si-Mg ferro alloys Feature and functions: 
1. In the molten iron play an role of Nodulizing, desulphuration, de-gasification etc. 
2. Can improve the molten iron purity
3. Remove the impurities, prevent the interferenceelements damage spheroidizing effect. 

Ferro silicon magnesium nodulizer Usage
1. Steel-making: Deoxidizer and alloy agent. 
2. Cast iron: Inoculants and ball agents. 
3. Ferroalloy: Reducing agent