Understand the properties of magnesium alloy sheet

Corrosion and mechanical properties of magnesium alloy sheet in the process and there are many features: light weight, rigidity, with a certain degree of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability, good decay properties and easy to recycle also have high thermal and electrical conductivity properties, good magnetic shielding characteristics and drug-free.

Proportion of magnesium is heavier than plastic, but the unit weight high strength and elasticity than plastic, so in the case of parts of the same strength, magnesium alloy components can do much better than plastic, thin and light. In addition, magnesium alloy high strength than aluminum and iron and, therefore, does not reduce the strength of parts, you can reduce the weight of aluminum or iron parts.

The relative strength of magnesium alloy (strength/quality ratio) the highest. Specific rigidity (stiffness ratio and quality of) close to the aluminum and steel, much higher than the engineering plastics.

In the elastic range, when subjected to impact load of magnesium alloy, absorb more energy than aluminum a half, so has better seismic noise reduction properties of magnesium alloys.

Lower melting point than aluminum alloy melting point of magnesium alloys, die-cast performance. Tensile strength and aluminum alloy casting magnesium alloy castings, General 250MPA, up to a maximum of more than more than 600 Mpa. Yield strength, elongation rate similar to aluminum.

Also has a good corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy, electromagnetic shielding, radiation, can be recycled 100%.

Stability of high pressure casting of magnesium alloy casting machining high precision, high-accuracy machining can be carried out.

Has a good performance of die-cast magnesium alloys, die casting wall thickness minimum up to 0.5mm. Adapt to the manufacture of cars of various types of die casting.

Magnesium alloys are widely used in portable equipment and automotive industry, achieve the purpose of lightening.