Characteristics Of Magnesium Alloy Forging

Forging technology of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy is largely the same, but there are some significant differences.

Magnesium alloys at high temperature friction coefficient, poor mobility, adhesion force, filling a deep vertical hole more difficult, magnesium-alloy forgings internal and external corner radius and rib thickness are bigger than aluminum.

In most cases, is forging extrusion of magnesium alloys, usually in front of the extrusion for homogenizing, reduce the anisotropy of mechanical properties.

Forging not only billet preheating and die should be heated to a certain temperature, or high-temperature forging and fabricating the contacts due to quenching can produce cracks.

Magnesium alloy is extremely sensitive to deformation rates, increasing plastic deformation velocity dropped significantly and therefore needs through a series of complex forgings (fire), while forging temperature should be lower each time to avoid grain, each time by 15 ¡æ ~20 ¡æ.