Congratulations! Chai Shaochun Was Awarded As Top Ten YiYuan Craftsmen In 2017.


    Congratulations! Chai Shaochun the chief Engineer of Zibo Deyuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd. was awarded as Top Ten "YiYuan Craftsmen" in 2017.

    Mr.Chai is a member of National Technical Committee for standardization of nonferrous metals. 

In 2009 he participated in the development of "large diameter and high performance rare earth magnesium alloy casting billet". This technology got the identification of scientific and technological achievements in Shandong Province, and fill the gaps in this field.

    In 2012, Chai Shaochun won the first prize of Zibo Science and Technology Progress Award and the third prize of Shandong Science and technology Progress Award for this technology.

    2013 he was responsible for the drafting of “YS/T 696 magnesium alloy wire” and “GBT17731 magnesium alloy sacrificial anode”industrial standards and was awarded as the advanced worker of the Nonferrous Metals Standards Committee in 2013. 

    In 2016 he participated in the research and development of 1000 × 400 large-scale high-performance Magnesium alloy casting plate. Because of this technology, the company's annual revenue increased by 4 million CN Yuan.