High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes

Product Detail

Product Description

    HSCI Solid Rod Stick Anode 

    1.High corrosion resistant capacity 

    2.High electrical conductivity 

    3.Conform to ASTM A 518M Gr3.

       HSCI Solid Stick Anode works well for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection of Offshore platform, underground steel oil tube, underground cables, subsea pipelines, etc. The chemistry of HSCI for impressed current anodes is well established in Standards, and it results in superior corrosion resistant capacity for mechanical properties.

       Our company supplies Single Head HSCI Stick Anode and Double Heads HSCI Stick Anode, based upon the shape of our stick anode. For cable connection means, we have HSCI Stick Anode with embedded seamless pipe, HSCI Stick Anode with embedded bolt and HSCI Stick Anode with caulking lead. Depending on customer's requirements, we can supply HSCI Anode installed with cable or otherwise.

    Chill Casting is the dominant method for our anode products with more consistent weight, greater density and better performance. 

       As follows is the Product Specification of our Double-ended Stick Anodes with leaded connection. Please note that the data are nominal and can be modified in accordance with customer's drawings and requirements.