Magnesium Alloy

The most important physical properties of magnesium alloys is its specific gravity, magnesium alloy of the aluminum alloy 2/3, engineering plastic of ABS 1.8 times. Magnesium is the lightest available in materials and practical structure of metal.

Magnesium alloy known as "green" materials. China's basic science research is relatively weak in technology of magnesium alloy, technical issues have yet to be a breakthrough of some magnesium alloys, high-strength and heat-resistance of magnesium alloys, magnesium alloy products manufacturing, surface protection and corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy technology and so on, leads to mg domestic application level is not high.

But now China's magnesium alloy low transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements already on the market, it has not established the sharing mechanism, industrialization and relatively shorter, with the combination of production, learning and research is not enough. Magnesium is also in production and export of primary magnesium and magnesium alloy of primary products, by the end of 2013, of magnesium alloys in China less than 20% of total output of processed products, lack of magnesium alloy deep processing products export exports 5%. Magnesium alloy raw material supply, diverse applications, broad market prospects. The barriers to entry are high, high market concentration, sustainable profitable enterprises in the industry. Overall, the industry is a good investment.