Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anode

Product Description: Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anode       
The MMO coated anode develops an oxide film on surface that plays as a barrier to protect the corrosion. The application of coating consisting mixed metal oxides such as RuO2, IrO2, TiO2 and Ta2O5, etc.
The MMO coated Titanium anode has excellent stability and corrosion resistance, which could be used in a wide range of severe environments such as soil, both fresh and sea water surrounding, and environments with very low PH values.

Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO) Solid Rods

Deyuan supplies MMO solid Titanium rod according to ASTM B265 Grade 1, based on Iridium MMO with following specification:
TypeDiameter (mm)
Please contact us for supplying the various length and coating type of MMO solid rod.
Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO) Tubular Anode    
Deyuan supplies MMO Titanium tubular anode according to ASTM B338 Grade 1, based on Iridium MMO with following specification. The tubular anode can be supplied in string, mostly used in deep well to protect the underground pipes or steel structures. 
DimensionCurrent outputLife time
Dia25mm x 1000mm long8amps (based on 100amps/ m sq)20years
Dia25mm x 500mm long4amps (based on 100amps/ msq)20years
Dia19mm x 1200mm long7amps ( based on 100amps/msq)20years
Dia32mm x 1200mm long12amps ( based on 100amps/msq)20years
Mixed Metal Oxide(MMO)Ribbon Anode     
Chemical Composition of MMO ribbon anode is complying ASTM B-265 Grade 1, coated with IrO2 or Ta2O5.
Specification of MMO ribbon anode
Dimension6.35mm x 0.635mm
Coil Length152.4 meters
Coil Weight2.8kg
Titanium Conductor Bars    
Titanium conductor bars are usually adopted to protect above ground storage tank bottoms with MMO ribbon anodes and MMO mesh anodes for CP system.
Specification of Ti conductors bar
StandardASTM B 265 Gr1
Width6.35mm, 12.7mm,
Standard coil length76mtrs, 152.4 mtrs
Standard coil weight3.9 kg, 7.8kg