New Product Of Zibo Deyuan- The Resistance Magnesium Anode Rod For Water Heater

The Resistance Magnesium Anode Rod for Water Heater


Brief Introduction


The Resistance Magnesium anode rod can prolong the life of the anode when protect the inner tank of water heater. 

As a sacrificial anode, Magnesium rod is an important component of anti-corrosion parts of water heater.


It is commonly called Magnesium anode and generally has a service life of more than two years.

However, China has a vast territory and the water quality is various in different places, which also cause the different protection life of inner tank coating.Therefore, the protection current of the Magnesium anode is also different.

In areas with better inner tank coating or higher water quality resistance smaller protection current will be needed. The Resistance magnesium rod can be adjusted by the electronic components to reach the minimum current required for the anti-corrosion of the inner tank.  Thus the anode will be effectively used and the service life can be also prolonged.