Ribbon Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anode


Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anode       
 The MMO coated anode develops an oxide film on surface that plays as a barrier to protect the corrosion. The application of coating consisting mixed metal oxides such as RuO2, IrO2, TiO2 and Ta2O5, etc. The MMO coated Titanium anode has excellent stability and corrosion resistance, which could be used in a wide range of severe environments such as soil, both fresh and sea water surrounding, and environments with very low PH values.

  Deyuan's MMO ribbon anodes designed for use on both newly constructed above ground storage tanks, and existing tanks utilizing double bottom construction. They can be used in sands with various levels of moisture and salt contents without carbon back fill. The anodes are composed of a titanium ribbon substrate coated with a mixed metal oxide catalyst. This two parts composition allows for a maximum current density of 17mA/m to achieve a 50 year design life.

MMO Ribbon Anode


Zibo Deyuan Metal Material CO., LTD.


ASTM B-265 Gr.1

Anode Dimension

Dia. 6.35mm * 0.635mm

Standard coil length

152 meter

Shipping coil weight

2.8 kg

Working life

50 Years

Current output


Design Requirements

Chemical Composition


0.20% Max


0.08% Max


0.03% Max


0.015% Max


0.18% Max

Other element (single)


Other elements (total)




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