Samsung S7 Suspected Production Of Magnesium Alloy Chassis, Lighter Than IPhone Aluminum Alloy Stronger?

Samsung Galaxy s series models had plastic housings, and lack of texture was criticized; Samsung has heeded good advice and S6 first broke with tradition and using back shell of glass and metal frame. Flagship S7 allegedly using magnesium (magnesium alloy) housing magnesium aluminum alloy casing more resilient than smart phones, more light.

PhoneArena, BGR, and Gforgames 18th reports, S6 chassis front tempered glass, with a metal frame, Korean media inews24 News said Samsung supply chain revealed that Samsung S6 models with 6013 aluminium alloy frame, the border suppliers to Samsung to deliver samples of magnesium alloys. Samsung allegedly samples must be as smooth as iPhone case, although it is not clear of magnesium metal is used only for borders or Samsung will abandon the glass mirror, switch to all-metal chassis.

It is understood that more tough than aluminum magnesium alloys, lighter weight, and can also help dissipate heat. Apple has just released iPhone 6s shell is made of 7000 series aluminum alloy, this metal is very hard and is the material of the aerospace industry, 6s is thus the most rugged in the iPhone. Exported 7000 series aluminum alloy because of added zinc, magnesium and other elements, more difficult to bend.