Surface Treatment For Magnesium Alloys

Current technology of surface treatment for magnesium alloys are: electroplating, electroless plating, micro-arc oxidation and Anodic oxidation, chemical oxidation.

Corrosion resistance of micro-arc oxidation and Anodic oxidation surface coating is very good, but do not conduct electricity, and high aperture ratio coating is very thin, or even plated. Chemical oxidation of anti-erodibility and relatively poor, it is difficult to use as end products.

Electroless plating and electroplating technology, is still in the research stages, mainly because of the easy oxidation of magnesium alloy surface, oxide layer is formed, will seriously affect the adhesion and process yields. Due to the chemical properties of magnesium and lively, in electroless plating metal cation substitution reactions occurred with magnesium to form a metal film, is applying the coating more laxly, combined with the relatively poor, the key factor is the pre-treatment. Then use a combination of what kind of processing can be done well before become the key points in each set. In General, different materials before using the treatment process is not the same.

In comparison, credibility of electroless plating of magnesium alloys is much higher, can guarantee the uniformity of the coating by electroless plating, even in deep holes.