Used Magnesium Alloy For Manufacturing Weight Loss

"This is magnesium alloy made phone shell, can anti-radiation; this is car with magnesium alloy parts, has in millions of car car Shang get success application; that is Center development of world Shang maximum specifications of magnesium profile, are began in track traffic Shang application......" in Chongqing City Science and Technology Institute materials Center, heavy section hospital Dean, and national magnesium alloy material Engineering Technology Research Center Director, and national magnesium alloy and the application Professional Committee Director Fusheng Pan Professor proud to to reporter introduced he of magnesium alloy Kingdom.

Pan Fusheng, one of the pioneers of billions of magnesium industry in China. In his promotion of magnesium alloy materials began to be used extensively in the manufacturing of Chongqing, is investing in Chongqing and the China Automotive industrial international competitiveness in manufacturing areas.

Magnesium alloy is manufacturing industrial in the can using of most light metal structure material one of, its performance features decided has many of application advantage: a is reduce resources pressure, magnesium alloy products of application can ease iron ore and aluminum mine resources shortage of pressure; II is reduce energy and environment pressure, to car for cases, magnesium alloy mass application can reduced 10%-15% of fuel consumption and emissions; three is magnesium alloy products shock performance superior; four is magnesium alloy energy characteristics good, in a species degree Shang can said has magnesium on has electric ; Five are magnesium-alloy products shielded from electronic emissions, which can be widely used in mobile phones and computer casings ... ... China is rich in magnesium resources (more than 70% of the world) and a huge market, for the weight of the manufacturing sector at the same time will enhance the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry.