Wrought Magnesium Alloys And Their Forging Temperatures

Commonly used temperature and mold temperature forging of wrought magnesium alloys, forging can be extruded directly casting can also be used, add to the Mg-Zn-Zr alloy of rare earth elements neodymium and yttrium-modified with grain refinement, can be suitable for direct forging the grain structure. Mg-Al-Zn alloys are made widely available in the forging of magnesium alloy, is insufficient, ingot coarse grain, not suitable for direct forging, extrusion billet must be used. Most of the magnesium alloy forging temperature is 290 c ~415 c, but excluding ZK60 alloy of high zinc. High temperature magnesium alloy forging temperature high, while billet heating time should be longer, the eutectic phase dissolves.

Magnesium can be forged into shape forgings of different sizes, size depending on device capabilities and structure, forging open die forgings and die forging, open die forging closed die forging, forging hydraulic machine available on a mechanical press can also or forging hammer forging.

Free flat platens or shaped on the anvil, roller swage can also be used. Before forging mould should be heated to a certain temperature, to ensure that the final forging temperature. Should be processed with extrusion ingot, so you can use higher deformation speeds. Usually by cutting the material, rather than cutting, so as not to cut with crack, before forging ingot slab wagon, elimination of coarse grain layer and other surface imperfections. Billet heating time according to (1.5~2) min/mm calculation, the total time should not be longer than 6h. Magnesium alloy ingot homogenizing on after cooling in the air.

The fluidity of magnesium alloy, suitable for single-impression die forging, forging complex shape and large size forgings such as motor vehicle wheels up to adopt open die forging blank, then single-impression die forging, open die forgings include drawing, upsetting, flattening, bending, punching, shearing, pile, and so on. Forged magnesium alloy low temperature, low alloy hot die steel forging die, but the cavity surface quality to be high, to improve the performance of the filling of magnesium alloy, and prevent the forging surface roughening and scratches.